Freddy Rodriguez - Light in the Darkness

Freddy Rodriguez - Light in the Darkness

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Freddy Rodriguez is the Worship Leader at Champions Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Freddy leads this multi-cultural congregation in an energetic and passionate journey into the presence of God. Featuring many songs written by Freddy, this project has a fresh sound, mixing Latin, Gospel, and modern worship dynamics to create a unique worship experience.

ÌÄå_ÌâåÇÌāÕÌā__ 1. We Lift Our Hands
ÌÄå_ÌâåÇÌāÕÌā__ 2. Rejoice
ÌÄå_ÌâåÇÌāÕÌā__ 3. Lord You Are Amazing
ÌÄå_ÌâåÇÌāÕÌā__ 4. No Other Name
ÌÄå_ÌâåÇÌāÕÌā__ 5. I Will Run
ÌÄå_ÌâåÇÌāÕÌā__ 6. Fallen
ÌÄå_ÌâåÇÌāÕÌā__ 7. Alone With You
ÌÄå_ÌâåÇÌāÕÌā__ 8. It s In You
ÌÄå_ÌâåÇÌāÕÌā__ 9. Wrap Me in Your Arms

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