About Us

We believe that the opportunity to work can — and does — change a person’s life. A job offers the independence that comes with a paycheck, increases self-esteem, and breaks the cycle of poverty.

That is why we bring you GoodFlix, a new way to shop for movies. The revenue generated from selling movies and music will go to not only providing jobs and relevant e-commerce skills to the community, but the funds generated will also help others receive free job training, access to professional certifications, college scholarships, and a multitude of other services. Not only do the sales strengthen our community but it also keeps unwanted or converted media out of the landfills thus helping the planet.

To learn more about us please visit us at www.goodwilljax.org


Also Feel free to visit our other e-commerce venture ShopGoodwill! Where you will find clothes, rare collectibles, and lots of great priced odds and ends!