Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

Goodwill Industries of N FL

Thanksgiving Day is fast approaching, and even though the menu might be planned, sometimes what we do with our in-laws and family after the big meal isn't! So avoid those awkward conversations with Grandma and getting hit up for cash by Cousin Eddie by putting on a movie for everyone to enjoy.

Here's a few of our favorite holiday films

1. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles - Go on a road trip with John Candy and Steve Martin in this laugh out loud comedy! 

2. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation  - Yes we know, its a Christmas movie, but even if you haven't had your Turkey yet, this movie is the gift that keeps on giving! Crazy relatives, homemade sleds, ferocious squirrels this movie has it all!

3. The Family Stone - The Stones, have their annual holiday gathering. The eldest son brings his girlfriend home to meet his parents, brothers and sisters. The Stones greet their visitor with a mix of awkwardness, confusion and hostility. Before the holiday is over, and the family Stone will come together through its extraordinary capacity for love. Its got all the ingredients for any Thanksgiving gathering a crazy family, a heartfelt message, and an awesome cast! Just watch it!

4. Uncle Buck - Every family has that one Uncle and well in this movie he's played by John Candy. So when your Funcle (Fun Uncle) comes to visit this Thanksgiving sit down and bond over this hilarious classic!

5. Four Christmases - Tim McGraw as a cage fighter, Vince Vaughn, Reese Witherspoon, and bounce houses. A perfect recipe for laughs.



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